Looped Leather End- Antique Silver

Looped Leather End- Antique Silver

6.5 x 8mm Zinc Plated Glue-In Leather End, IHD: 5 x 2mm Loop Dia: 2.5mm
Unit: pair

This is such a terrific little antique silver component that makes any beader stop and pause, “How did I design without it?” Whether you’re securing 5mm flat leather or multiple strands of round leather (like two 1.5mm with one 2.0mm to make a Tahoe), it’s just such a nice ending for any design. This component will not flat crimp and requires a strong glue, like Zap or E6000, to hold your leather secure. Made in the European Union. Free of lead, nickel, and cadmium. Hypoallergenic.

Sold by the pair.

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