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It's A Lotta Leather!

2 ounces of Leather 0.5-3.0mm

Unit: pkg
$32.00 USD

Every day we cut and spool leather into different lengths. Unfortunately, while we're cutting and measuring, we come across knots and breaks at 2 feet, 3½ yards...you name it.
As a company, we don't believe in waste, so we decided to sell our "scraps" in mixed bags of 2 ounces. Lengths will vary starting around 1 foot up to 3⅞ yards and are a mix of sizes and colors. It's a super deal...that's around 30-40 yards!

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Sorry, no exchanges and all sales are final.  

Note: Each bag is unique! What you receive will vary from what is pictured.

Sold by the bag.