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Home Run-Antique Brass

8 x 5 x 5mm with IHD of 2.2 x 5.2mm Brass Plated Slider

Unit: Pkg
$5.25 USD

This is just the copper embellishment you want when you make your next Prairie Leather Wrap. It’s simplicity is what makes it sexy, with just enough style to elevate your design. It’s the pitch-perfect partner with our 5mm Strap Leather and hands-down an office favorite. The inner hole diameter is 2.2 x 5.2mm. Made in the European Union, from zinc alloy with copper, it is free of lead, nickel and cadmium. Hypoallergenic. It’s best to use  Zap Jewelry Glue to adhere the leather to the inner opening. 

Sold in packages of 5 beads.