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Getaway -June 2020

Custom Mix of 11/0, 8/0 and 6/0 Miyuki Seed Beads

Unit: tube
$8.95 USD

Do you know that feeling when you land at a beach destination after a long flight? All you want to do is dip your toes in the warm, clear water. The sand is the softest shade of shell pink. The water is every blue and green you can imagine, and the air is crisp and clean, smelling of salt and sun.

For June 2020’s Monthly Mix, Janice needed to feel she could get away, even though she went no further than a daily walk by her nearby park. “I needed to imagine what the best of my vacations had ever been. I had to somehow get away from the quarantine of Covid-19. What I learned is that beautiful memories will bring you back to a place that is always yours. They are forever!”

Getaway has been curated for both its beauty and project inspiration; being an assortment of three sizes of seed beads, it lends itself to Horizontal Peyote and also Bead Crochet. You can find many ideas of what we’ve done with past Monthly Mixes here.

Because this is a limited-edition mix, we recommend you purchase early…tubes are limited and they go fast! If you would like to recreate the mix, the beads Janice used are: