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DBL1851- 8/0 Duracoat Galvanized Light Pewter

2.5x2.5mm Tube IHD: 1.5mm

Unit: tube
$8.25 USD

Most of you are not old enough to remember when pewter-plated glass beads would chip and flake. Those were the old days! Now there is Duracoat Galvanized which has taken 90% of the worry out of using a coated, metallic bead*. And, this coating, Light Pewter, is an absolute favorite. We carry it in other seed beads. It’s a must-have in 8/0 Delica.

The hole size is so generous at 1.5mm that you can do more than peyote or looming…you can string them on leather and cord!

Made in Japan by Miyuki, the leader in high-quality seed beads.

Sold in tubes of 8.2 grams/approximately 246 beads.

*Note: Duracoat Galvanized beads are not indestructible. They do NOT fare well with moisture, fragrance, or lotions. For wide areas of weaving, like a cuff, we do not recommend them as long-term exposure or continuous wear can damage the coating.