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DB2316- 11/0 Glazed Moody Blue AB

1.6 x 1.5mm Glass Tube IHD: 0.8mm

Unit: tube
$6.35 USD

Moody Blue with an amazing AB glaze is now a Kate Favorite and we can see why; it’s a gorgeous, deeper blue than DB2129 (Moody Blue) but in that same family of Montana blues. Made by Miyuki of Japan, 11/0 Delicas are considered the premier tubular seed bead in the world. With extra care in the manufacturing process, the Glazed AB coating is made to last for years.

The hole size will allow Tuff #1 and Micro C-lon up to 2 times and multiple passes with Size D C-Lon and KO

Try it in your next Brick Stitch Earrings Project. They’d look lovely paired with DB-2129 Moody Blue, DB-2108 Persimmon, and DB-2106 Hawthorne

Made in Japan. 

Sold in tubes of approximately 7.2-7.6 grams/1400-1520 beads.