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DB2261- 11/0 Picasso Black

1.6 x 1.5mm Glass Tube IHD: 0.8mm

Unit: tube
$5.25 USD

The best thing about this finish is that it’s black with lots of life and curb appeal…with a Picasso finish, the color is dappled and irregular. Around the office, Picasso is a favorite finish, find other Black Picasso beads here. Made by Miyuki of Japan, 11/0 Delicas are considered the premier tubular seed bead in the world. 

The hole size will allow Tuff #1 and Micro C-lon up to 2 times and multiple passes with Size D C-Lon and KO

Try it in your next Brick Stitch Earrings Project. They’d look lovely paired with Delica Steel DB-021.

Made in Japan. 

Sold in tube of approximately 7.2-7.6 grams/1440-1520 beads.