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DB-723- Delica Opaque Dark Cranberry 11/0

1.6x 1.5mm Glass Tube IHD: 0.8mm

Unit: tube
$4.95 USD

Not as dark as the name suggests, these beads are a lively red color with a touch of pink. The clear shiny finish shows off the rich color of these Delicas. Miyuki Delicas are considered the premiere 11/0 seed beads in the world. Known for their incredible range of colors and Duracoat finishes, they are intended to last a lifetime. The hole size will pass through Micro C-Lon up to 2 times and multiple passes through with KO. Try adding in one of our Stackable Ladder Bracelets projects.

Made in Japan. Sold in tube of approximately 7.2-7.6 grams/1440-1500 beads.