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DB0022L- 11/0 Met Lt. Bronze

1.6 x 1.5mm Glass Tube Bead with IHD: .8mm

Unit: tube
$7.75 USD

In April of 2017, Kate knocked the ball out of the park on Free Tip Friday, with a new looming sample using delicas. It was such a huge hit….we are still getting requests for it. This lovely and bright Light Bronze Metallic Delica is now the new hero of this design. It just seems like adding a metallic to any project gives it extra life. Since this one is actually all bronze glass with no coating, there’s no need to worry it’s going to chip or fade. The hole size will pass through Tuff #1 and Micro C-Lon up to 2 times and multiple passes of KO. Try adding in one of our Stackable Ladder Bracelets.

Made in Japan.

Sold in tube of approximately 7.2-7.6 grams/1400-1520 beads.