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CzechMates Bars- Matte French Beige

Czech Glass 6mm 2-Hole Flat Rectangular Beads

Unit: strand
$3.65 USD

About 1/3 the size of our well-known CzechMates Tiles, these bars are so easy to mix and match into your work with them! We always loved this color...a pale buttery yellow that's so pretty. Make it matte and it's a real winner.

Project Ideas: Janice had so much fun with these in her latest Color Study, Hydria. Be sure to also look at  Mosaic Wraps and Tricks to Laddering to see laddering with 2-holed beads.

Size: These 6x2mm soft-sided rectangles have two generous holes at 0.8mm each. Holes allow for two passes of  Micro C-Lon, or will fit up to 20 Gauge Wire.

Made in the Czech Republic.

Sold by the tube, about 125 beads/tube.