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CzechMates Bars- Apollo Gold

Czech Glass 6mm 2-Hole Flat Rectangular Beads

Unit: strand
$2.80 USD

$3.50 USD

About 1/3 the size of our well-known CzechMates Tiles, these bars are so easy to mix and match into your work with them! We can never get enough Apollo Gold! Transparent rose-gold glass with an uneven golden coating, these beads are stunners.

Project Ideas: Janice had so much fun with these in her latest Color Study, Hydria. Be sure to also look at  Mosaic Wraps and Tricks to Laddering to see laddering with 2-holed beads.

Size: These 6x2mm soft-sided rectangles have two generous holes at 0.8mm each. Holes allow for two passes of  Micro C-Lon, or will fit up to 20 Gauge Wire.

Made in the Czech Republic.

Sold by the tube, about 125 beads/tube.