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SuperDuos- Crystal Capri Gold

2.5 x 5mm 2- Hole Superduo IHD: 0.8mm

Unit: tube
$6.00 USD

Capri Gold is a beloved finish for Czech beads, giving these Superduos a gorgeous rose gold tone. The base bead is a very pale shade of peach, and the Capri coating reflects shiny metallic shades of gold, copper and silver. These complex and beautiful beads will complement any design.

See how we used Superduos in our Seashore Wrap Bracelet and our Pathways Herringbone Cuff.

With .8mm holes, Tuff Cord #2, Superlon D or Micro C-Lon will easily go through twice to ladder or weave.

Please Note: SuperDuo colors can vary from batch to batch! If you're purchasing multiple tubes for one project we suggest buying all you need at once.

Sold in tubes of approximately 24 grams (300 beads).