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Clamshell End Tips- Silver Plate

3x7mm Brass Plated Double Clamp w/loop, IHD: 0.5mm

Unit: pkg
$3.50 USD

This is the classic clamshell many of us grew up with. Designed to hold the knot inside the two halves of the clamshell, this style has almost no chance of opening up and your thread coming out...just make sure to make the knot abundant enough that it won't pull through the hole. Add a drop of GS Hypo Cement to seal the deal. The "handle" of the clamshell is intended to make a complete circle and close securely against the top of the clamshell. Use your round nose pliers to close the handle completely.

Project Ideas: See how we've used end tips in Silk Floats, Contemporary Bead Knotting, and The Girlfriend Necklace.

Sizing Info: 3x7mm with a 0.5mm hole.

Sold in package of 10 pairs (20 pieces).