Boysenberry- 0.5mm

Boysenberry- 0.5mm

0.6-0.75mm Nylon Braided Cord
Unit: spool

A 2019 addition to our Chinese Knotting Cord Collection, Boysenberry is a saturated, inviting purple you’re going to love. Looking very much like berries freshly picked from the vine, it will easily pair with Cranberry and Peacock.  Bollywood is the Beadshop project that put 0.5mm Chinese Knotting Cord on the map and Boysenberry is a natural to use as your base cord. It is perfect for macramé, crochet, or laddering. Still thin enough to fit through an 8/0 seed bead (or twice through a 6/0), you will find 0.5mm the one you reach for most often. You’re going to love this cord in Herringbone Wrap Bracelets. Imported from Taiwan or China, this braided nylon cord is colorfast, however, color may vary from one batch to another.

Sold on spool of 10 yards.

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