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Beadalon Collapsible Eye Needles, Fine- 4 Pack

2-½” Twisted Steel Needle, 0.30mm Diameter, 2.7x9mm Eye

Unit: pkg
$4.25 USD

Collapsible Eye Needles are flexible and are particularly nice for stringing beads that have very small holes. Extra-spring wire is kink-resistant and has a specially designed eye that automatically collapses and instantly reshapes when it is pulled through the bead. The large eye is easy to thread and accommodates many sizes of cord.

Each fine-weight needle is carefully crafted, making bead stringing and knotting just about hassle free. The eye of the needle is cleverly designed to bounce back to its original shape after stringing a bead. And the pointed tip keeps your thread from moving around and possibly losing your needle. The fine needle is well-suited for very small gemstones and pearls. Store away needles after use as they are definitely reusable. 

Sizing Info: 2.5" in length, 0.3mm in diameter. The eye is 2.7x9mm.

Made In India of high-tensile stainless steel wire. Keep away from children and pets.

Sold in a package of 4 needles.