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Autumn Trellis- November 2020

Custom Mix of Miyuki 8/0 Seed Beads

Unit: tube
$10.50 USD

New England in Autumn is an almost magical place. One of Drea's favorite photographers, Hamilton Magri, Jr., takes the most incredible shots of the world around him. You may recognize his work, as Drea has shared several photos in our Private Facebook Group, The Bead Table! In the summer we see beaches and sailboats along The Cape with brilliant sunrises and sunsets as a backdrop...but now that Fall is here the talented Mr. Magri has even more incredible material to work with, all thanks to Mother Nature and her paintbrush.

While perusing his work, Kate and Drea came across a photo of an old bridge in New Hampshire, very near Drea’s beloved waterfalls. Surrounded by a riot of color...reds, orange, pink, gold...the deep plum-chocolate color of this rusty old bridge stands out. The mists rising over this cold rocky ravine and the distant mountains beyond create a distinct softness to our picturesque scene. It’s at once peaceful and bold, and we couldn't love it more! Picking our bead selections based on this photo, we had a lot of colors to work with! Two new beads have been added to our collection as well, Matte Silver Lined Gray and Copper Lined Opal...they give this blend that misty tranquility Mr. Magri captured so well!

All 8/0s, this mix lends itself easily to a loomed piece or beadweaving. You can find many ideas of what we’ve done with past Monthly Mixes here

When the mix is sold out, or if you’d like to purchase the individual  beads used in this mix, the recipe is:

Sold in tubes of 22 grams/ approximately 950 beads.