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8-649 Dyed Violet S/L Alabaster

3x2mm Seed Bead IHD:1.1mm

Unit: tube
$4.15 USD

Finding a true periwinkle is a quest we are always on here at beadshop. It’s not really blue, it’s not really purple…it’s periwinkle! Miyuki of Japan has made a bead color that glows from within because of the silver lining and then shines from without because of the alabaster coating over violet. Love it! 

Wouldn’t it look amazing in Horizontal Peyote? Size-wise, it is about the same as a 2mm bead and there are 12 beads to an inch. With a generous hole side, you can fit C-Lon or .5mm Chinese Knotting Cord as well as up to 1mm Leather.

Please Note: Dyed beads don’t like fragrance, chemicals, or moisture. Excessive sunlight may also dull or fade the rich color so don’t wear swimming or sunbathing!

Sold in tubes of 22 grams. Approximately 860 beads.