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8-4456 Duracoat Dyed Hawthorne


$7.25 USD

Bold, intense, and really amazing, Hawthorne is that kind of mustard yellow that goes with anything and sets in motion the possibilities of all kinds of designs. We have carried it in a Delica and an 11/0 Miyuki Seed Bead for a while now, and it was only with the creation of Drea’s August 2020 Monthly Mix, Summer Rush, that we said, “of course we need it in an 8/0!” If Miyuki made it in a 6/0, we would definitely carry it.

Try it in Horizontal Peyote or In Place Micro Macramé when a saturated yellow will give your color palette a pop.
Made in Japan by Miyuki, this bead is about the size of a 2mm glass bead. The inner hole diameter of 1.1mm is very generous which makes it a natural for beadweaving, stringing 4mm Chinese Knotting Cord or multiple strands of KO, Hana or Size D C-Lon. There are 12 beads to an inch.

Sold in 22 gram tube/ approximately/approximately 850 beads.