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8-234 Sparkling Metallic Gold-Lined Crystal

3x2mm Seed Bead with 1.1mm Hole

Unit: Tube
$4.15 USD

So perky and fun, this bead is stunning because the bright gold is on the inside! Then it’s covered with crystal clear glass, which has been given a final coating of shiny luster… just to make us smile!

Size-wise, the 8/0 is similar to a 2mm glass bead. We love how they look laddered with C-Lon Cord, try them in your next Farmer's Market Wrap

Please Note: Coated beads are stable but we never recommend exposing them to moisture, fragrance, or chemicals. It is also possible they can vary in color up to 20% from one batch to another. Miyuki has taken the time and care to create a lustrous finish that ensures the beads are super colorful. Made in Japan by Miyuki Seed Bead Company.

Sold in tubes of 22 grams/ approximately 860 beads. There are 12 beads to an inch.