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8-197 Copper Lined Crystal

3 x 2mm Seed Bead IHD:1.1mm

Unit: tube
$15.25 USD

Some beads just take our breath away...and this one definitely had us at “hello.” With a real copper core, Miyuki created a bead that celebrates this ancient metal. By encasing the copper in clear glass, the effect is a lovely halo that will give any design depth and interest. Manufactured in Japan by Miyuki, it is about about the size of a 2mm glass bead. We love how it looks laddered with our C-Lon Cord and, with a generous hole, is very adaptable to macramé. This bead is ready to be in your next Farmer’s Market. There are 12 beads to an inch.

Sold in tubes of 22 grams. Approximately 850 beads.