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6-190 Nickel Plated 6/0

4.5 x 4mm Seed Bead with 1.5mm Hole

Unit: tube
$8.35 USD

Emily was so excited when she heard we were going to carry Nickel Plate* in 11/0, 8/0, and 6/0, she almost broke out into her happy dance. Yes, they are expensive because they are real nickel coated on glass...but they are so pretty. We love how these look laddered with our C-Lon Cord and, with a generous hole, they’re very adaptable to an all-time classic project, His, Hers and BFF. There are 8-9 beads to an inch.

Sold by weight, in tubes of 10 grams. Approximately 120 beads.

Note: Normally our 6/0 seed beads are sold in tubes of 20-23 grams. Because the nickel plating is so expensive, the quantity of beads is reduced to 10 grams. Please note that these tubes will not be full as they are sold by weight.

*Warning: If you are allergic to Nickel, we do not recommend these beads. They contain Nickel with a release rate more than EN1811. Not intended for using in jewelry worn by children.