11-4518- Picasso Opaque Cobalt 11/0

11-4518- Picasso Opaque Cobalt 11/0

2 x 2mm Seed Bead 1mm Hole Size
Unit: tube

Now there is a new navy to add to the Picasso-finishes of Miyuki beads. In a deeper blue than 11-4516, Picasso Opaque Cobalt will give it a run for its money. With a marbleized, weatherbeaten finish, this bead will add texture and inspiration to any project. The 1.1mm hole size will allow Tuff #1 and Micro C-Lon to pass twice for laddering and allows multiple passes for beadweaving with KO or Hana. We would love to see it used in a Pathways Cuff.

Sold in a tube of 23 grams. Approximately 2,350 beads.




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