11-4469 Duracoat Opaque Jujube

11-4469 Duracoat Opaque Jujube

2 x 2mm Seed Bead IHD: 1mm
Unit: tube

What a fun color to add to any project. Dive in and we promise you will get lost in its beauty. Who says one can have too many reds? When Miyuki started making this color in delica, we couldn’t resist...now they are available in 11/0’s. With a duracoat finish, the bead coating is more stable and has less chance of chipping than a regular color-coated bead. This could be a perfect bead for Ombrė Peyote or Spiral Rope. The 1mm hole size allows multiple passes for bead weaving with KO. Made in Japan by the Miyuki Bead Company.

Sold in tube of approximately 10 grams/1100 beads.

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