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Tree of Life Pendant


Some of us grew up with a favorite tree in our back garden. The one I remember most is the ap-ricot sapling I planted with my daughter when she was three. It was no thicker than the width of my pinky finger, but Ashley loved that tree and called it “George”; they really grew up together. And to our amazement, George became a plum tree after a few years. Today that tree is strong and beautiful with its arms lifting to the sky. It’s never too late to form lifelong memories with a tree. Find one you like and watch it change with the seasons. Even better, plant one and give it a name!

Happy Beading!


Level: Intermediate

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  • - Open frame component in round, rectangle or square 
  • - 4 feet 22-24 gauge dead soft round wire   
  •         -for trunk and branches using glass or crystal                      
  • - 4 feet 26-28 gauge dead soft round wire   
  •           -for trunk and branches using gems or pearls 
  • - Beads for tree branches











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