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Trade Route


Tricks of the Trade

by Janice Parsons

Using a time-tested, macramé flat knot and an ancient silk-wrapping technique adapted to thin gauge wire, beads from around the world are woven together like a journey along one of the old trade routes. It’s exciting to think that many of the beads I love were once carried from China or India across the Himalayas to Europe or from Bohemia and Venice to Africa and the new world, America.

Happy Beading!


Level: Intermediate Beginner

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- Brass Ring (or other pendant, key or centerpiece)
- Christmas Beads (or seed beads in 10-12/0)
- Silver Spacer Beads
- Venetian-Style Trade Beads
- Old Carnelian Trade Beads
- Padre Beads
- Metal Ring (or other metal beads to string)
- 7-1/2 yards Superlon 18 Thread
- 1 Foot Compassion Suede
- 1 Foot 28 Gauge SS wire (or metal of your choice)
- 1-2 Flexible Eye Needles
- 1 Button with shank
- Thread Burner
- Hypo-tube Cement
- 2 Bead Mats or Towels
- Wire Cutters
- Knotting Tweezers
- 2 pairs Chain Nose Pliers
- Bead Reamer (optional)
- Beeswax (optional)

Studio Essentials

-Tape Measure
- Scrap of twine
- Scotch Tape
- Baking Sheet with sides
- Straight pins
- 2 heavy-duty binder clips
- Cardboard for wrapping thread