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Tin Cup


Learn this quick, easy method and float away! This design is simplicity itself; a beautiful necklace of beads knotted and spaced on silk cord. Your pearls and gemstones will stand out as they are set apart from each other on your favorite color of twisted silk. Inspired by the necklace Renee Russo made famous in the movie, “Tin Cup”. Your new necklace is destined to be an every day favorite! Download after completing purchase, in PDF format.

Happy Beading!


Level: Intermediate

Download PDF




  • - Assorted beads. Approximately one bead per inch of your design.
  • - 1 card Griffin Silk Thread with Needle.
    Choose the size best suited to your neads.
    As a general rule: Sizes 1-4 for gemstones and 3-6 for
    pearls and beads with larger holes.
  • - 1 pair traditional end tips
  • - A clasp of your choice








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