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The Tiara Challenge

The Bead Table

A royal challenge!!

We’ve created ours, now it’s time for you to create yours. Purchase a Tiara Frame in either Silver or Gold, and get beading! Use whatever you like, beads from your personal stash or our shop. Take some beautiful photos (of both the tiara alone, and if you’re not camera-shy, of you wearing it!) and send them to us at challenge.beadshop@gmail.com, by November 5, 2017. Winners will be announced shortly after...with beadshop.com gift card prizes!

1st place: $75 gift card

2nd place: $50 gift card

3rd place: $25 gift card

Check out the beadshop team’s tiaras on or 
Blog for inspiration...will you wire wrap like Janice and Ivan? Create an ocean vibe like Cara and Louise? Use chain like Karen, charms like Grace? The possibilities are endless...you’re limited only by your imagination!