Sweet Dreams

Sometimes a style of jewelry captures our attention. In diamonds, emerald or cushion cut are shapes we know. Necklace styles also have names. In this case, Janice has created a negligee necklace which is defined as a “Y” necklace with two tails of different length that drape just about where the eye meets the cleavage….it is called a negligee necklace because it was meant for the boudoir originally. In this project, Janice and the beadshop.com team have created a project which is adaptable for both home and office. Yes, it can be worn to allure but it can also be lengthened by adding extra chain and worn with jeans. We hope you enjoy. We would like to thank Nicole Anderson for her wonderful videos on wire wrapping. Nicole has moved on to another career but we will always be indebted to her for the great videos and projects she did while working here. Thanks, Nicole!


In a Fog


Wishful Thinking

Queen of Hearts




Sold Out