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Patterning With Memory Wire Recipe

Just String! Mix it up and string endless memory wire bracelets that take the place of a whole stack of bangles. Janice was inspired by new colors and shapes of Czech glass with metal spacers, the perfect gift for someone special or even your self!

Mixing your shapes and colors is the secret to success...just dive in and string! Create a beautiful palette that feels cohesive, then design a pleasing memory wire stack that utilizes some simple principles. It sounds simple and it really is!

Be sure to watch FB Live Patterning With Memory Wire, Kate and Emily will walk you through all the steps you need to create an elegant design. Follow the recipe below and click on product links to make your own selection. The ingredients will fill the entire 12-wrap coil of Memory Wire, meaning you can make about three 4-wrap bracelets. Add to your cart the quantity the recipe calls for in the colors you like and you’re ready to create!


You will also want to have: Memory Wire Cutters, Round Nose Pliers, and Chain Nose Pliers