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Ode to a Queen

Ode to a Queen

Care and time is required when creating a period design. When jewelry was made in the 19th century, there were no cars, computers or cell phones. Artisans had time to make detailed, well-crafted jewelry and artifacts. To bring that same energy to today?s jewelry means slowing down and thinking of each section of your design carefully. Don?t rush this. The old saying, “Patience is a virtue”, was true for most Victorians. Try to think like one and channel your attention to detail; it will pay off. This project is designed to improve your pattern and color blocking expertise while honing your skills fitting graduated, multistrand necklaces. When your project is completed, wear it with the pride of a queen!

Happy Beading!


Level: Intermediate/Advanced

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- 6 Crimp covers

- 3 16” strands of freshwater potato pearls size 4mm

- 1 16” strand of freshwater almost round pearls size 5-6mm

- About 8” of freshwater almost round pearls size 8 mm

- 1 Marcasite pendant or antique-type locket or lavaliere

- 2 Marcasite beads with extra large holes or 2 3-hole spacer bars

- 2 Marcasite double bead caps or 4 single bead caps

- Handful of 11/0 or 12/0 seed beads, smaller is better

- 1 3-strand Marcasite or antique-looking clasp

- 1 Extra Small jump ring and wire-wrapped tiny gem, tiny

- charm or your jewelry tag (optional)




    Studio Essentials

    - 1 Spool .013 Beadalon® or .014 Softflex® wire

    - 2 pairs of Chain-nose pliers (or 1 chain-nose and 1 bent-nose)

    - 1 pair Crimping pliers and 1 pair flush cutters

    - Scotch tape and tape measure

    - Design board and mirror large enough to view yourself

    - Mannequin neck display (optional); Can be purchased at most jewelry display websites

    - Antiquing solution (optional)

    - Pro Polish Cloths (optional)

    - Scratch paper and pencil