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How to Make a Micro Float


Micro Float

by Janice Parsons

Here's an old favorite - a two strand necklace project that utilizes several techniques that adapt well to create an artisan treasure. For anyone with metal allergies or adverse to the high price of silver and gold, here's one that uses a bead for the clasp and thread for the loop...and it's hypo-allergenic! It's really hard to mess this one up! Because the beads float and a thread passes on the outside of each bead, there's a naturally cohesive look to your necklace.

Happy Beading!


Level: Intermediate 



To make a 2 strand necklace 16-19 inches per strand:
- 5-9 yards Tuff #1 Cord or C-lon
- 1 package turquoise tablets *NO LONGER AVAILABLE
- 1 strand cream crinkles *NO LONGER AVAILABLE
- 1 pkg baroque cream pearls
- 1 pkg Pure Poetry in Smokey Quartz *NO LONGER AVAILABLE
- 1 pkg Luminescence Cubes

Studio Essentials

-Knotting Tweezers 
-Hypo-tube cement
-Wire Cutters
-Thread burner
-Flexible eye needle (optional with tuff cord)
-Deep Dish for macramé,
-2 binder clips 
-2 scrap lengths of Rattail
-6 inches each knotted into loops about 3 inches in length.