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Designing a Cuff Recipe

Start with an idea, some inspiration, a thought…Janice was inspired by the West African Mixes and the new Egyptian Clasps…and thus this cuff came about! Beading with mindfulness and patience, designing with Janice’s techniques of lane-ing and spacing…it shows in this bracelet.

You already know how to string on Soft Flex and crimp with care. Now we want to drill down and focus on design. With a multiple-strand cuff, you have the opportunity to design as if you're painting a canvas.

Additional Learning:

See the recipe below and click on product links to make your own color selections. Add to your cart the in the colors you like and you’re ready to create!


You will also want to have:

Xuron 4-in-1 Crimper, Xuron Maxi Shears, Chain Nose Pliers, and Bent Nose Pliers