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Design Through Storytelling


by Janice Parsons

Creating artisan jewelry is not about following the crowd, but reflecting your unique point of view. It's about mixing favorite colors, textures and patterns in relaxed yet cohesive ways. Your design style will speak in your voice when you reference memories and impressions with confidence and attitude. This class handout is about exploring and refining jewelry techniques and pushing yourself to share your authentic story. Although the necklace may look deceptively simple, it combines multiple techniques we think Intermediate Designers are ready to master. From Wire-Wrapping, to No-Frills Knotting and Silk Wrapping, it is a complete meal using different ingredients. Here is a class handout that combines many different styles and will challenge you to switch gears... This full-color, 14 page handout is chock full of tips and techniques to fine-tune your design sense. When you click to purchase, it will prompt you to download it as a PDF and print it at home. Please only one copy per purchase is allowed. If you are an instructor and would like to purchase multiple copies of this handout, please email us.

Happy Beading!


Level: Intermediate

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Studio Essentials

YouTube Videos and Tips used in this project:
Wire Wrapping a Bead on a Head Pin
Wire Wrapping Bead Units to Each Other
Wire Wrapping a Briolette
Silk Wrapping 1-2-3
How to Open and Close Jump Rings
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