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Delicate Briolettes

Delicate Briolettes

Learn how to work with fine-gauge wire and wire-wrap on either side of your stones to piece together a delicate and colorful extravaganza of gems. Download after completing purchase, in PDF format.

Happy Beading!


Level: Intermediate

Download PDF




- Sterling silver/gold-filled chain of your choice

- 1 Sterling silver/gold-filled lobster clasp
- 1 Sterling silver/gold-filled soldered jump ring
- 4 Rondelle or round gemstones

- 15 various briolette gemstones
- 5' 26 or 28-gauge sterling silver/gold-filled wire
depending on the hole sizes of your beads.























    Studio Essentials

    - Bent-nose pliers

    Needle-nose chain pliers

    Round-nose pliers

    Flush cutter