Chandelier Earrings

Chandelier Earrings

This is a fun project guaranteed to improve your wire work techniques. We have suggested three color palettes to choose from. Each one is constructed using the finest materials, all available at Choose from one of our palettes or design your own! We hope you find learning with us fun and valuable.

Happy Beading!


Level: Beginner

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- 150+ 4-5mm 16-gauge Sterling silver jump rings
- 50+ 2" Sterling silver head pins
- 6+ 4mm Swarovski sapphire cube crystals or equivalent

- 6+ 4mm Swarovski sapphire bicone crystals or equivalent

- 26+ 4mm Swarovski peridot bicone crystals or equivalent

- 6+ 6mm Swarovski light topaz round crystals or equivalent

- 1 Sterling silver decorative clasp
















    Studio Essentials

    - Bent-nose pliers

    Needle-nose chain pliers

    Round-nose pliers

    Flush cutter






















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