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Carrier Bead Bracelet Recipe

Carrier beads have been the talk of the beadosphere! Emily couldn't wait to try them out. Carrier beads are a neat way to add seed beads to stringing: make a simple tube of peyote stitch, slip it over the carrier, and voila! A super unique bead that you created. Carrier beads are a great place to practice patterning with peyote stitch, and they are perfect for on-the-go beading: just a few colors of beads, needle and thread, and off you go!

Watch FB Live on Wednesday, 7.11.18, and enjoy creating beaded beads that are all your own!

Check out our individual samples for ideas, and see the general recipe below and click on product links to make your own selections. Add items to your cart the in the finishes and colors you like and you’re ready to create!


You will also want to have:

Old-School Thread Clippers and Foam Beading Mats