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Bloomin Beads Pendant


you've mastered our Tricks of the Trade VHS/DVD then this advanced class is for you! The Bloomin' Beads Pendant Handout shows you how to make the flowers that fit onto a multi-strand necklace. Our step-by-step instruction includes over 30 full color photographs. Download after completing purchase, in PDF format.

Happy Beading!


Level: Advanced

Download PDF



  • -Three 7mm soldered (jump) rings,
    Three 10mm Soldered (jump) rings, 
    5' Sterling Silver
    wire-30 gauge,
    2' Sterling Silver
    wire-22 gauge
  • - Ingredients for large flower: 6 16mm
    Flat briolettes for the bottom tier,
    6 12mm Plump briolettes for the middle tier
  • - Ingredients for left flower: 6 10mm
    Plump/round briolettes for the bottom tier,
    5 12mm Flat/broad briolettes for the middle tier
  • - Ingredients for flower center: 9mm Pearls, 6mm Gemstones





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