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Beaded Fringe

Beaded Fringe

Learn from this handout and find out how to incorporate different gemstone shapes with chain and wire. Use your favorite gemstones to create this renaissance inspired necklace while you learn the tricks to weaving with headpins. This technique is one every beader should know. Download after completing purchase, in PDF format.

Happy Beading!


Level: Intermediate

Download PDF




- 24-30 rondelle gemstones

- 12-14 briolette gemstones

- 1 larger bead for the center

- 1 foot of 24 gauge sterling silver or gold-filled wire

- 5 feet of 26 gauge sterling silver or gold-filled wire

- 12-14 2 inch sterling silver or gold-filled headpins

- 36 inches total of sterling silver or gold-filled chain











    Studio Essentials

    - Bent-nose pliers

    Needle-nose chain pliers

    Round-nose pliers

    Flush cutter