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Adorned Components

Adorned Components

This is a great handout for anyone wanting to learn many techniques in just one day or night. Embellish with tiny gemstones to add the pizzazz to any component. Use hole punching and wire-wrapping techniques to embellish metal components with a cluster of sparkle. Link each component together or dangle one from a pendant. The techniques covered in this class will make you a pro at adding to any piece of jewelry!

Happy Beading!


Level: Intermediate/Advanced

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- An assortment of small
gemstones & pearls

- 12 feet 24, 26 or 28-gauge
sterling silver of gold-filled
depending on the size of your gems

- 8-12 inches sterling silver or gold-filled chain

- An assortment of sterling
silver or gold-filled
pendants or components











    Studio Essentials

    - Bent-nose pliers

    Needle-nose chain pliers

    Round-nose pliers

    Flush cutter

    - 1 metal hole puncher