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Level: All Levels
Estimated time: 30 minutes per bracelet

Zen Master

Project by Grace Noland
Samples by beadshop team

In the tradition of Eastern Meditation, a monk who is a master of “Chan” or meditation, is given the title of “Chánshī” or “Sensei”. Today, in Western Culture, the name has a broader scope to include anyone who demonstrates detachment and control in stressful situations. This trio of bracelets may not make you a Sensei, but they might enhance your mood and bring more clarity and strength to your life. Mirage beads will change color with your body temperature because of thermo-sensitive liquid crystals, so you can sense your “mood” more clearly. Just do not get them wet! Wood emits a strong connection to the earth and Dumorterite enhances mental acuity and balance.
Robles Round - 8mm
$8.25 USD
Dumortierite- 8mm
$8.00 USD
Pony Express - Brass
$5.95 USD
Across The Universe
$2.75 USD
Let It Bee
$2.75 USD
Knowing One- Gold
$2.95 USD
Stretch Magic Clear Elastic .7mm 5 meters
$3.50 USD
Beadalon Collapsible Eye Needles
$3.75 USD
GS Hypo Cement
$5.35 USD
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