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Parawire Non-Tarnish Silver- 28G

28 Gauge Copper Dead Soft Wire

Unit: spool
$4.65 USD

ParaWire begins the process of making Non-Tarnish Silver round wire in 28 gauge with a base of 99% Pure Copper wire. From there, they coat their colored wire with their exclusive protective enamel finish to prevent tarnishing. Using only the finest materials, ParaWire has one hundred years of experience creating the ultimate in durable and pliable craft wire.
Because it is dead soft, it is ready to mold to the shapes and curves you desire. This is a new favorite for us at beadshop.
See how Emily and Kate work their magic with 26 gauge wire in Wire Wrap Bead Bezel and Viking Knit. This is tarnish-resistant and is not intended for antiquing or soldering.

Sold on spool of 15 yards (45 feet).