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ParaWire Black Round- 34 Gauge Wire for Needle Making

34 Gauge Soft Wire in Silver

Unit: spool
$4.50 USD

Many moons ago in the old shop, Kate and Janice used to make their own needles from a spool of 34 gauge craft wire…one just like this. The spool lasted forever and saved many jewelry artists big bucks that would have been spent on purchasing needles. Well, it’s back and we think you’re going to love it the way we do!
How to Make a Needle: Use your wire cutters to cut a length of wire 3-6 inches. Bend it at the middle and bring the two ends together. Firmly hold the middle with one hand and with the other, twist and twist the ends together until all is twisted evenly except the eye portion in your hand. If needed, cut the ends of the wire to give you a clean needle. Watch Kate do it right here.
Made of copper with black coating . Nickel-free and EU compliant.
Sold individually on 50 yard spool.