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Popcorn Padres- Ink Black

3-4mm Glass Beads IHD: Approx. 1mm

Unit: strand
$11.75 USD

Long enough to really make a multi-strand design, semi-matte Ink Black Popcorn Padres are perfect for so many projects. As it’s getting harder and harder to keep the African Padres in stock, we are transitioning to the Java glass. Use them in 5-7 Wrap Tahoe, Designing A Cuff, or any project where you want saturated color, texture, and tribal style. About the size of a 6/0 seed bead, expect variation in hole and bead size. Most beads will fit through .5mm leather.

Sold by the strand of 44 inches/approximately 350 beads.

Please Note: This is our replacement for African Jet Padres, which are becoming difficult to source.