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Carnelian Nuggets

12-18mm Top-drilled Semi-Precious Beads IHD: 1-2.5mm

Unit: strand
$12.80 USD

$16.00 USD

These are so fabulous! We really haven’t seen anything so “old school” in a long time. Janice and Kate are fighting over who gets to add them to their Staff Picks Page...they both love them! See how Janice used them to create the Terracotta Wash necklace.

Ranging in size from about 12mm to as chunky as 18mm, each nugget is made of natural carnelian.

Holes will vary, so we can’t promise they are consistent, but many of them are large enough to fit 2mm leather.

Temporarily strung on 15-16 inch strands. Approximately 60 beads per strand.