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Level: All
Estimated time: 4-5 Hours

Tall Meadow

Project and Sample by Janice Parsons

Like meadows green and tall, Janice was inspired by native grasses found in Europe often called Oat Grass. “I love how the bugle beads, separated by little seed beads seem to replicate the bend and sway in Nature.”

Strung on Memory Wire, Tall Meadow is an easy project for all levels. By focusing your bead choices in one color family, the shapes, patterns and designs become magnified. But, don’t let that limit your creativity, mix it up however you want.

See the Project Map below for a Bird’s Eye View of what beads are paired together. Tall Meadow is a Facebook Live Episode. Be sure to click on the VIDEO tab above to watch.
Little Shadows- Silver Plate
CzechMates Tiles- Teal Bronze Picasso
CzechMates Tiles- Polychrome Aqua Teal
6mm- Turquoise Bronze Picasso
6mm- Aquamarine Celsian
4mm- Turquoise Moon Dust
4mm- Aquamarine Celsian
BGL2-2031 Matte Met. Sage Grn. Luster
11-4506 Picasso Olivine Trans.
Bracelet Memory Wire-Silver
Project Map

A. Janice’s full 12-coil design is a random pattern of bugles, seeds, and Little Shadows. The ends have been curled under to secure the beads. You can also end with a 3 or 4mm Fire Polish glued securely with Zap Glue and skip curling the wire.

    B. Using CzechMates Tiles and seeds, two coils have been strung with beads side-by-side to make a wider bangle. Carefully curl your wire so you don’t crack the fragile glass due to too much pressure from your round nose pliers or not enough space on the memory wire itself.

    C. Go random and have fun mixing and matching your beads on single coils. Watch our Facebook Live Episode 4.19.17 to see how Kate and Janice get their Memory Wire groove on. Happy Beading!

      *Janice used the 2.25 (or 2-1/4) size Memory Wire, which will fit an average size woman’s wrist. For a wrist smaller than 6 inches, select the 2 inch coil.



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