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Stretch Magic- 0.5mm

10 Meters/0.5mm Clear Elastic

Unit: spool
$3.50 USD

The world’s best-selling stretchy cord is always in demand for bracelets and anklets, and it's just so easy to use. We recommend .5mm for bead weaving and beads with small holes. Made of 95% Polyurethane, it fits most little freshwater pearls and fine gemstones, like our 2-5mm cubes. See how Kate used 0.7mm in one of our most popular projects, At Ease, Stretch Therapy.
The back of the blister pack shows you how to make 3 overhand knots to close. We highly recommend GS Hypo Cement on the knots, even if the manufacturer says its "optional,” it isn't!
Sold by the spool of 10 meters, approximately 32 feet.