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Steel Magnolia


Project Info:

Level: Intermediate

Estimated time: 4-6 Hours

Based on Mosaic Wrap by Brittany Ketcham
Sample by Karen Marshall and Cat Fistori

Strength and beauty in one: Steel Magnolia is a stunning four wrap in both cool and warm hues...a mix of soft and strong, delicate and tough. It's the perfect piece to make and gift to a girlfriend, or keep for yourself!

Steel Magnolia

Courtesan- Silver


$3.25 USD

Be Still- Brass


$3.25 USD

Hematite- #1 Tuff Cord

Tuff Cord

$4.75 USD

Gunmetal- Regular C-Lon

Regular C-Lon

$4.40 USD

Metallic Gray- 1.5mm Indian


$7.25 USD

8-152F- Matte Transparent Grey 8/0

8/0 Miyuki Seed Beads

$3.00 USD

TL2006- Matte Metallic DK Bronze


$7.95 USD

TL4511- Picasso Smokey Black Matte


$5.50 USD

TL401FR- Matte Black AB


$5.50 USD

TL190- Nickle plated


$13.25 USD

Pony Express Beads- Silver

Metal Beads

$5.95 USD

Project Tray Inserts

Design Boards & Storage

$10.25 USD

Beadsmith Big Eye Needles


$3.95 USD

Organza Gift Bag- Pewter

organza bags

$1.75 USD

TL1865- Galvanized Grey Luster


$5.95 USD

GS Hypo Cement


$5.35 USD

Eurotool Ultra Flush Cutter


$37.95 USD

Old Fashioned Beeswax


$3.50 USD

Project Map

Please Note: Although many of our older videos and handouts demonstrate the use of a Thread Burner, we no longer feel it is imperative to use when beading. As long as you apply glue to the ending knot and the portion of the leather beneath the knot, you’ll be fine. Allow 3 hours for the glue to dry before carefully cutting excess cord away with flush cutters. And with the C-Lon Silk Wrap protecting the Tuff Cord, your design is secure.