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Stained Glass Sunset


Project Info:

Quantity Needed for Project:

Click on items below for general categories, and find specific items Kate chooses in the shop windows.

Additional Learning:

Level: Intermediate

Estimated time: Weekend

refer to map

Stained Glass Sunset

UltraSuede- Camel


$8.25 USD

Lilac- KO Thread

KO Thread

$4.95 USD

11-2024 Matte Opaque Light Rose

Miyuki Seed Beads- 11/0

$4.15 USD

11-4693 Frosted Op Glazed Rainbow Pistachio

Miyuki Seed Beads- 11/0

$3.25 USD

11-593 Dark Beige Ceylon

Miyuki Seed Beads- 11/0

$2.95 USD

8-355 Hot Pink-Lined Crystal AB

Miyuki Seed Beads- 8/0

$3.95 USD

6-133FR Matte Transparent Topaz AB

Miyuki Seed Beads- 6/0

$4.25 USD

BGL2-2034 Matte Antique Rose Gold Luster

Miyuki Bugles

$4.45 USD

SB18-142FR Matte Transparent Smoky Amethyst AB

Miyuki Cubes

$3.95 USD

Bar Pin- 1 Inch

Miscellaneous Findings

$0.50 USD

Sharps Sewing Needles, Size 10- 20 Pack


$3.25 USD

Beadsmith Zap Jewelry Gel


$4.75 USD

Old Fashioned Beeswax


$4.25 USD

Thread Snips


$3.35 USD

Project Map

Project and Sample by Emily Miller

Stained Glass Sunset was inspired by a piece of artwork, and like so many inspirations, the final result bears only some similarity to the original idea. What was lovely about the original was the simplicity of lines, the shades of the glass, and even the setting of the photograph used to sell the piece. 

Rather than bead by bead directions, Bead Embroidery can be somewhat freeform or experimental, but it does help to have a bit of guidance, or at least a place to start and stop! Emily is here to guide us through it!

Find quantities and general shopping categories for the ingredients used in Stained Glass Sunset listed above. Specific products can be found in the shop-able windows for easy shopping. Out of stock and don’t want to wait? Click the general category for that item in the linked list above to see all our available selection so you can find a replacement you love. Find all our Bead Embroidery samples here.

Please join us as our worldwide community gathers on Facebook and YouTube at 10:30am Pacific Time on November 11th and 13th, 2020. It’s so much fun to go live with us and bead together! After the live broadcast the video will be available above.

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