Level: beginner
Estimated time: 2-3 hours

Simple, Sublime

Project and Sample by Kate Richbourg

Kate has old tricks made new with fresh beads, wire, and smaller pi stones! This is a Kate classic technique, blending beads, wire, and stones for a glorious necklace. Have you watched Kate with wire and pliers? She makes magic happen with just a few twists and turns, plus she gets everyone inspired to grab some pliers and make something new! With just a few skills you can make the simple, sublime!

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ParaWire Bare Copper- 22G Round
$4.25 USD
Distressed Brown- 1.0mm Indian
$6.95 USD
Poppy Jasper Pi- 30mm
$5.95 USD
Aged Moss- 8/0
$5.95 USD
Tierra Daisy Spacer - Antique Copper
$3.75 USD
Tierra Heishi-Antique Brass
$5.75 USD
Bronze Pale Gold-12mm
$3.25 USD
Pony Express - Copper
$5.95 USD
Big Shadows -Antiqued Copper Plate
$5.25 USD
Sahara Sands
$5.95 USD
Red Jasper Pi- 30 mm
$5.95 USD
Liver of Sulphur XL Gel
$8.95 USD
Pro Polish Pads
$9.95 USD
Eurotool Bent Nose Pliers
$12.95 USD
Eurotool Chain Nose Pliers
$12.95 USD
EuroTool Round Nose Plier
$12.95 USD
Eurotool® Nylon Jawed Pliers
$21.95 USD
Maxi- Shear Flush Wire Cutter
$19.75 USD
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