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Level: Beginner
Estimated time: 1 Hour

Pearl & Leather


Sample by: Brittany Ketcham
Inspired by Tricks to Laddering by Brittany Ketcham

Just simple and clean, this classic can be the basis of a new chapter in your beading world. Whether you ladder with freshwater pearls or take it up a notch with an assortment of beads, the video by Brittany Ketcham and the companion handout will get you more than ready to make wrap bracelets.

One technique, one button, a few beads, leather and thread….that’s all you need to make a delicious single wrap bracelet. Watch the video and download the companion handout and be transported to another place.

Salmon- 1.5 Greek
Baby Pink- KO Thread
GS Hypo Cement
Thread Snips
Deep Dish Project Tray
Project Tray Inserts
Project Map

From button to end knot, this wrap measures 7 inches. Making it longer just means adding more beads or an extra button loop for adjustability. It can also be wider by laddering 2 pearls per row. This simple style makes great birthday and holiday gifts. 



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